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The Media-Rich Edition


What does it mean to be human in a nearly posthuman era?


How are the cornerstones of our universal condition — birth, breath, love, sex, faith, identity, death — evolving in the context of biotechnological advances?


How does it feel to be mostly flesh and blood in a world increasingly dominated by plastic and silicon, virtual presence and spectral signals?


What dark corners of the future, of cyberspace and of our selves can ancient wisdom and technospiritualism illuminate?


What does motherhood mean in a world of artificial wombs, lab-grown brains, self-replication, and the uncertain continuation of our species as we know it?


Who are these robots, chatbots, androids, cyborgs and intelligences already walking and talking amongst us? And who are we to them?


What deep-rooted technologies - gender, race, class, stereotype, ignorance, bias, injustice - are we coding into our legacy, and how do we recognize and transcend harmful binaries?


Do our avatars make us immortal? Do we want to be? If we’re going to live a long, long time, what should we leave behind —and what do we take with us into the forever?

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